Visit the Manila Art in Island Museum

While many museums are strictly no-go zones for photography, for one “museum” in the Philippines taking – and sharing – happy snaps is an essential part of the visitor’s experience. Manila’s Art in Island Museum features over 50 3D art murals, each one missing a key element: you.

Art in Island, which opened in November 2014, gives camera and selfie enthusiasts the unique opportunity of stepping into the scene of its artwork and encourages you to take as many photos of this (bizarre) interaction as you like.

Manila is the perfect location for a photo-friendly museum given that, in 2014, TIME Magazine crowned the city the selfie capital of the world. According to Yun Jae Kyoung, the museum’s CEO, Art in Island gives Filipinos the selfie and social media outlet they deserve.

This is a museum based on having fun – you can place yourself at the mercy of a giant crocodile or T.rex, hang ten on a massive wave and even explore Ancient Egyptian tombs.

If creature encounters aren’t your thing, then showing your own fears in Edmund Munch’s The Scream or entering a homage to Vincent van Gogh’s The Starry Night and The Church at Auvers might take your fancy. With backdrops as unusual and whacky as these, you’re bound to get heaps of Likes and Shares on your social media profile.

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