Peter von Maltzahn loved his wife Marion, loved adventure and loved his vintage Volkswagen Westfalia Campervan.

After buying the Kombi in Germany in 1972, the pair set off on road trip after glorious road trip across Europe. They then moved to South Africa to live for several years, before finally migrating to Adelaide, South Australia, in the early 1980s and starting a family.

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The adventures of Schoen
The adventures of Schoen
Peter von Maltzahn on a 1973 road trip in Spain

Their beloved van, which they dubbed ‘Schoen’ – German for nice – also made the long journey to Australia. The family continued their love of exploring, heading out in Schoen to discover the sights of South Australia, making wonderful family memories along the way.

After Marion died in 2009, the well-travelled Schoen went on fewer and fewer outings, before taking up a permanent position in the driveway.

With Schoen’s adventuring days seemingly over, Peter – now retired – could no longer bear to keep it.

He explained to his two daughters, who had shared many wonderful times in the family van, that after a lifetime of experiences, he would be putting Schoen up for sale.

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