Eat with a local

A range of new websites makes this even easier, by bringing together keen travellers with welcoming home cooks. Often referred to as “underground supper clubs”, these websites list invitations to out-of-towners into people’s private dining rooms and are based on the idea that people want to eat together, not alone.

One site,, allows you to chose from some 30 countries, including Italy, UK, Ireland, Japan, Australia and Peru. Each dining experience has a price per head plus menu listed. Other sites include and

Families fly in a class of their own

Most of us would agree that travelling on planes surrounded by other people’s noisy kids is no fun. But now some airlines have decided to seat families as a “class” of their own – and it’s not at the pointy end of the plane.

In an attempt to secure more business, single and adult travellers who require a calm environment, both AirAsia X and Singapore’s Scoot airlines have child-free zones on their planes – leaving families (well, those travelling with under-12s) down the back of the plane.

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