Odd things travellers do

When I’m boarding a plane I always have to touch the exterior on the right side of the door. It’s a personal travel ritual that somehow makes me feel safe. Sophie, PR rep

I have to unpack all my shoes and line them up against the wall (never in the closet). When I’m away they make me feel at home. Then I take a picture of them, but I never share it on social media. It’s just for me. Suzanne, PR rep

I must unpack, put away and organise all my gear immediately. I don’t like to see my suitcase, and if there’s no place to hide it I’ll ask the staff to take it away. I want the room to look exactly as it did when I first checked in; not cluttered up with all my stuff. Alexandra, blogger

To stave off germs, I always wrap the TV remote in a plastic bag. In a pinch I’ve even been known to use a condom from the room’s intimacy kit. Rebecca, PR agency owner

I never ever take my underwear out of my suitcase. I’ll unpack everything else but I’m wary of putting my unmentionables anywhere in a strange hotel room. Tanya, PR rep

Source: The Huffington Post

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