1. COVID-19

Starting with the one reason that affected many of our plans over the last few years. While we’d rather not have to think about it anymore, it still has the potential to disrupt your plans.

Many insurance companies now offer COVID-19 coverage, like InsureandGo who offer COVID-19 coverage with their Silver and Gold policies*. Covid-19 benefits on your travel insurance can provide coverage for things like medical expenses due to Covid-19 or the cancellation of your trip.

2. You might need medical treatment

More often than not, medical expenses come in as a complete surprise. Even if you’re planning to drive, cycle or trek your way around your destination, things can go wrong. Depending on where you are, medical treatments can sometimes go from hundreds into the thousands, even if it’s for something as simple as food poisoning.

3. You love engaging in adventurous activities!

If you’re into sports such as skiing or ice skating, it might also be worth looking into add-ons that you can get with your travel insurance policy. While adventure sports are great fun, they come with greater safety risk so getting the right coverage can be crucial.

For example, InsureandGo offer Winter Sports cover as an add on that could come in handy if you get in an accident and need medical attention or want to cover your equipment.

4. Lost baggage

Losing your baggage or your possessions can be quite stressful, especially when there is an added cost if you need to replace them. The right level of coverage with your travel insurance can ensure you are compensated for your inconvenience and your losses, so that you’re not left down on cash.

5. You or your travel companion has pre-existing medical conditions

While pre-existing medical conditions shouldn’t deter you from going on a vacation, coverage for them can be important if you need medical attention as result of those conditions. Declaring your pre-existing medical conditions will ensure you have the coverage if you need it while also giving you peace of mind.

InsureandGo offer 24-hour emergency assistance and consider all pre-existing medical conditions. They do not require any medical certificates upfront upon application.

6. Unexpected trip changes can be costly

Trip delays, disruptions and even curtailments can all be out of your control. Circumstances such as natural disasters can be another reason for changes in your trip. If you have the right level of insurance cover, you can receive compensation or reimbursement for the money that you’ve lost due to a disruption.

With InsureandGo, you can add Natural Disasters as an add on, in case something unexpected happens and you need to cancel your trip or return home early.

7. You plan on hiring a car

Under most car rental policies, you’re liable to pay an excess if you get into an accident – the same way you would if you have a car accident back home. So, if you happen to get into an accident, it can cost you quite a bit.

Travel Insurance can be of a lot of help in such situations if your policy includes a rental car excess waiver and can cover the excess for you, potentially saving you quite a bit of money.

8. You are going on a cruise

Cruises, like any other trip, can be subjected to delays, cancellations, and medical events. Cruises can also experience unique events such as missed port because of weather/timetable restrictions, making it important to get a cover that caters to such events.

InsureandGo also offer Cruise policies that provide cover in case a passenger needs urgent transportation to a medical facility or needs to return home for emergency treatment.

Taking out travel insurance should not be a daunting experience. If you need help understanding how travel insurance works, make sure to read the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) or contact your provider before you buy to understand your options. InsureandGo can help explain the ins-and-outs of your policy to you.

If you’re looking to purchase a policy, InsureandGo are offering a 15% discount on premiums for Readers Digest subscribers. Use code Escape15 in the promotional box at https://www.insureandgo.com.au or call 1300 401 177.

Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Company, Limited ABN 49 000 525 637, AFSL 240816, issues InsureandGo Travel Insurance (the insurance). For full details of the benefits, including Covid-19 benefits (available in silver and gold policies), terms and conditions and exclusions that may apply please read the Product Disclosure Statement, Target Market Determination (TMD) and Financial Services Guide available on our website at https://www.insureandgo.com.au/ to decide if the insurance is right for you. Mitsui Sumitomo has appointed Europ Assistance Australia Pty Ltd, ACN 140 219 594 as its Authorised Representative (AR Number 424825) to deal with this insurance product.

*Check full Covid-19 Benefits here.

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This is a sponsored article produced in partnership with InsureandGo.

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