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1. We send incredibly personal emails
1. We send incredibly personal emails
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Spear phishing, the act of sending targeted emails to get you to share financial information or passwords, can be exceptionally sophisticated.

“The old-style ones had spelling and punctuation errors, but today, it has really become an art,” says Mark Pollitt, former chief of the FBI’s computer forensic unit.

“They may call you by name, use your professional title, and mention a project you’re working on.”

Outsmart us: Spot phishing emails by looking for incorrect or unusual URLs (hover over links to see the actual URL address), requests for personal information or money, suspicious attachments, or a message body that’s actually an image.

Unless you’re 100 percent confident that a message is from someone you know, don’t open attachments or click links.

If you’ve been the victim of a data breach, take these 5 steps immediately!

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