The Royal Family Immortalised As Pop! Dolls

The royal family has garnered many honours over the years. Now they'll be made into the hyper-popular Funko vinyl figurines.

The Royal Family Immortalised As Pop! Vinyl Dolls
The Royal Family Immortalised As Pop! Vinyl Dolls

The royal family kind of has the market on “notable titles” cornered. A look up and down the royal family tree will yield designations like “Earl of Essex,” “Princess of York” and “Queen.”

But up until December 17, 2017, the royal family lacked one notable pop culture title, and that was “Model for a Funko POP! Doll.”

As it is now past the 17th, you could probably glean that the royal family will soon have a Funko POP! Doll made in their likenesses.

The dolls, known for their distinctive rectangular heads and shark-like eyes, have been around since 2010.

Funko will immortalize seven members of the House of Windsor in their new royal family line: Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles, Prince William, Prince Harry Duchess Kate Middleton, Princess Diana, and, of course, a corgi. 

Princess Diana is the only royal who will get two figurines, one wearing a black dress and one wearing a red dress. The red-dressed Diana is a so-called “chase” piece, meaning its particularly rare.

The fun figurines will be available in February 2018 on Funko’s website. February can’t come soon enough!

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