Show Your Love Classic American Muscle Cars On Your Wrist
Photo: Courtesy of Rec
Show Your Love Classic American Muscle Cars On Your Wrist

Calling all aficionados of Ford Mustangs! Here’s a new item to add to your wish list…

Denmark-based REC Watches is now making watches using materials from 1960s-era Ford Mustangs.

But don’t worry: the manufacturer, whose motto is “recover, recycle and reclaim,” only uses components from Mustang wrecks that are beyond repair.

“Most people would basically just see a pile of metal. They see a ghost of a Mustang, or what used to be a Mustang,” says co-founder Christian Mygh in a video.

“But we see something completely different. We see the soul of a car—a story that needs to be told and be given new life.”

The current lineup, dubbed the P-51 Collection, includes three styles of watches, with the designs of the hands, date and dial numbers influenced by the iconic car’s dashboard, and a power dial designed to look like a fuel gauge.

Each finished watch incorporates the vehicle identification number and year of production. Owning one of these one-of-a-kind wonders will set you back around $2,400.

According to Digital Trends, approximately 250 watches can be created from the steel roof, door and hood panels of just one Ford Mustang.

Each timepiece comes with an NFC chip and QR code which enables the owner to watch a short video detailing the history of the vehicle and its original owner.

REC Watches is no stranger to classic cars: its 901 collection models are made from Porsche 911s, while its Mark I and Cooper collections are made from vintage Mini Coopers.

“It is about real people and real stories, and it’s almost like a small time capsule,” said Mygh. “You have a small piece of a Mustang inside your watch, and each time you look at the time, you actually look at a Mustang.”

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