Platinum Award for Pilot in Trusted Brands 2018

When Japanese founders Ryosuke Namiki and Masao Wada created the company’s first pen nearly a century ago, it was named ‘Pilot’ to reflect their desire to become leaders in the field, overcoming all challenges. That guiding principle has helped Pilot cement its dedication to continued improvement in both customer service and product innovation.

Pilot is able to provide a pen for the most discriminating writer or artist, whether for writing a letter or artfully doodling. From student notes, to writing a novel, to life-like drawings, Pilot pens have proved a reliable partner for millions.

And now, it’s introducing the Juice series, which is a collection of brilliantly colored pens, all of them containing pigment-based water-resistant ink. These pens can write on most photographs, and the pastel and metallic colors are fun to try on dark papers. This product comes with a variety of vivid colors, a soft and comfortable rubber grip, a fine-point tip and a spring clasp. It’s not only juicy but a practical writing instrument as well.

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