PLDT Wins Platinum Award for Home Landline in Trusted Brands 2019

For decades, PLDT has provided dependable telecommunications services throughout the country, earning it the trust of Filipinos. Today it offers the widest national coverage, and is the brand that comes first to mind when choosing a landline service.

PLDT is constantly researching and developing new communications technology and determining customer needs to provide Filipino consumers with cost-efficient, dependable and innovative products. PLDT also has a choice of affordable call plans to connect subscribers to their families, friends, and the world.

Plus PLDT offers a variety of telset models from the simple to the feature-packed, and in trendy new colours and designs. Its new high-tech cordless phones enable more portability, allowing users to move from room to room or talk and walk around the house, ideal for noisy family households or people who work from home.

Regular consultation sessions with industry experts and with its own customer base allows PLDT to develop the solutions that will continue to shape the future of telecommunications in the Philippines.

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