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Gardening Tips

When to Prune

When to Prune

Here is a calendar to help guide you through the pruning seasons.

gardening tips

Gardening Tips You Should Ignore

Five myths that you and your plants would be better off disregarding.


6 best screening hedge plant

Plant any of these varieties for a hedge that will block out the neighbours and provide privacy

13 Tricks to Keep Bugs Away on Picnics

13 Tricks to Keep Bugs Away on Picnics

Ahhh, the joys of summertime picnics with friends and family! But sometimes, uninvited guests sneak into your outdoor feast (and we’re not talking about your strange neighbor or cousin). To keep insects from biting, stinging or annoying you – and just as importantly, to keep them away from your food – follow these 13 surefire, all-natural tips:

natural fertilizers

7 Surprising Fertilizers for Your Garden

Feeding your plants shouldn't mean buying a plastic container full of synthetic fertilizer. Often, you can feed your garden with what you have around your home. And with these fertilizers, you're often reusing or recycling some old product to help your garden, making you even greener. Here are seven ways to do just that: