For a new generation of Australians, being retired doesn’t mean what it used to. From rediscovering passions and hobbies left behind in the hustle and bustle of daily life to packing a bag and exploring the world, pursuing the lifestyle of your dreams is simply not restricted by age.

Having a sense of security, whether it’s related to feeling at home where we live or trusting that we can access the care we need as our health changes, is another priority for this generation.

Then when it comes to how and where we live, easy maintenance, independence and cost effectiveness are the three top considerations for Aussies according to the latest Australian Seniors Quality of Life report.

With all of these considerations in mind, it can feel daunting to figure out whether living at home or moving into a retirement village suits our wants and needs – which is where Ryman Healthcare comes in.

Ryman has been pioneering retirement living for over three decades and challenging the status quo when it comes to how Aussies live in retirement.

If you are trying to figure out this next exciting phase of life means for you, here are three ways Ryman Healthcare stands out from the crowd, ensuring you can live life the way you want to.

 Ultimate freedom to lock and leave

If you’re anything like cycling duo and Ryman Pioneers Cindy and Del, adventure is in your blood.

When they moved into their apartment in a Ryman village several years ago, it served as an even greater opportunity for them to live out their motto: “Do it while you can!”

While many of us might worry about leaving our belongings and home unattended for long stretches of time, Cindy and Del say the security and maintenance services provided by Ryman means they have the peace of mind to live life to the fullest – and that it’s as simple as shutting their front door.

Endurance cyclists Cindy and Del say Ryman has given the security to embrace their motto of doing it while they can.

“We did feel a little bit nervous about leaving the house, but not here – not at Ryman,” Cindy says. “We just come and go as we please, and we know that the place is safe and secure.”

“A big thing about the apartment is, we just close the door and come back a couple months later and it’s just the same,” Del adds. “We don’t have to worry about security. We don’t have to worry about maintenance or gardens. It’s all done.”

When they aren’t circumnavigating the country, Cindy and Del can be found planning their next adventure or getting involved in the activities available through Ryman – think everything from dance lessons to playing bowls, creating charcoal art and more.

They’re not the only ones taking advantage of these opportunities either, or the sense of community created and put front and centre by Ryman. 

A community like no other

Engaging in activities with others and staying connected with the local community is beneficial not just for our mood, but also our mental and physical health, no matter whether we’re retired or working.

Ryman retirement villages champion this by removing the stress that comes with maintaining a family home, allowing residents to pursue their passions, connect with fellow residents, and stay active mentally and physically through regular events, activities and trips.

For yoga lover Lynette, living in the Ryman community has seen her continue her decade-long practice of mindful yoga and embrace her love of walking. With walking being one of the many social activities in the village, Lynette has made plenty of friends through Monday outings with her walking group.

“A lot of people still believe that you’re going to a rest home,” she says. “They don’t know the concept of a retirement village. You go there, it’s beautiful. You’ve got facilities. You’ve got activities. And you don’t stop living.”

Lynette, a former corporate high-flyer turned yoga lover, says Ryman’s sense of community has helped her when she needed it most.

Having this strong social network also helped her adapt to life after her husband’s passing.

“My husband passed away exactly a year ago, so walking was fantastic because it cheered me up to see the flowers and the gardens and meet people,” she says of the group she now considers to be as close as family.

Lynette and her husband moved into the village with the knowledge that “one would go before the other”, but living there has helped her find inner peace and support when she needed it most.

“I’m so pleased that we moved because I’ve had a chance to make a lot of friends,” she says.

“I’ve had a chance to get to know pretty much everyone in the village team. And everyone has been so supportive, particularly over the last year, that it’s my family now.”

Having that level of support also provides Lynette and other Ryman residents with peace of mind when it comes to their health.

Rest assured that your future is in good hands

With four in five Aussies prioritising good physical and mental health, Ryman’s comprehensive care options give residents the confidence to live life with the knowledge that there is care available as their needs change.

With aged care built into the fabric of their villages, Ryman offers living options ranging from independent and assisted living to residential aged care and specialist dementia care.

For Brian and Pauline, who have been married for more than half a century, these options have ensured they can stay together and still access care for their differing needs.

After Pauline received a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s shortly after they moved in, Brian has stayed in their apartment while Pauline moved into the village’s specialist dementia care just a short walk away.

Brian’s apartment and the care centre are mere steps away, making it easy for Brian and family members like his grandson Tom to visit every day.

“Our apartment is just a few steps away, on the same floor, so it’s very easy to pop in and see my wife or nip around and get something for her,” Brian says. “It’s been very, very good.”

Having the support of the village’s nursing team has also been invaluable, allowing Brian to enjoy the village’s sense of community while trusting that his wife is in good hands.

“My wife’s cared for, and we can still be together,” he says. “It’s a great relief.”

All of these Ryman residents – each one a pioneer of a new way of living – are enjoying their lives in retirement to the full. So if you’re still trying to decide your future, get ready to explore the possibilities.

All images: Ryman Healthcare

This is a sponsored article produced in partnership with Ryman Healthcare.

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