He’s sexually promiscuous

He’s sexually promiscuous

People with a narcissistic personality are more likely to sleep with many partners and to cheat in a relationship because they’re always looking for something (er, someone) better, according to a study published in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships. And because of their desire to control other people and their inability to empathise with them, they may also get a perverse pleasure from convincing others to do sexual acts they wouldn’t otherwise.

Find out how to overcome these obstacles to a healthy sex life.


They’ll tell you straight out

They’ll tell you straight out
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While most of us see a narcissistic personality as a bad thing, narcissists themselves may not – and may actually take some pride in it. “This will, of course, depend on the person and the situation, but in general, there’s a good chance that they might just tell you. Our research, as well as that of our colleagues’, shows that people are surprisingly willing to self-identify as narcissists,” Dr van der Linden says. “The ‘narcissist’ label seems to provide an opportunity for narcissists to differentiate themselves from other people because it signifies a unique status, which likely makes them feel even more ‘special.’”

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