Undoubtedly, the rise of remote studying – as enabled by continually advanced digital learning methods – has made attaining a higher education far more manageable than ever before! Additionally, not only is completing an online qualification more achievable for many people, but it also offers students a multitude of other benefits. So, to learn more about the perks of online learning and remote studying, stay with us as we explore further.

Online Courses You Can Complete Remotely

There are several higher education online courses you can complete remotely. One example is an MBA online course. Also known as a Master of Business Administration, this particular degree encompasses study areas that include leadership units focusing on how to manage people and organisations, project management units such as how to manage teams, strategic design thinking and decision-making units, and also, study units focusing on technical innovation – just to name a few! The best thing is, not only can you complete this degree online, but you can also elect to study on a part-time basis. This, of course, offers students a greater sense of flexibility, more time management opportunities, and a better study/work/life balance. 

In addition to this, by choosing to study either this course or any other tertiary degree online, students benefit for many different reasons. First, remote learning and online study are simply more convenient than studying on campus. Studying remotely is also less expensive! Stay with us as we explain the reasons why online learning is both cheaper and also more convenient than its on-campus study counterpart. 

The Reasons Remote Study is More Convenient 

So, what makes studying remotely altogether more convenient than attending lectures, tutorials, and other events on campus? Well, firstly, there are the obvious reasons. By studying off-campus, you do not need to commute back and forth from your chosen tertiary education facility – saving you hours of travel time. 

Further, if you are an introvert, studying online will most definitely suit you! There is no need for unnecessary interaction or painful small talk when you’re an off-campus student. Indeed, you do not even need to see your peers, tutors or lecturers face-to-face! Any interaction you do have with others while studying online is through video conference calling and virtual classes. This is because, most often, online classes are delivered through programs such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams. The best news is, this means that you often do not even need to turn your web camera on to attend. That way, you can participate from the comfort of your office, lounge or study room – dressed, of course, in your comfiest pyjamas! 

On a serious note, though, remote learning is especially convenient for people who are already employed on a full or part-time basis. Studying online can enable you to quite literally slot studying into your existing schedule – whether that be fitting in study tasks before or after work, or even on the weekend. For some, cramming late at night fits into their schedule best. While for others, early morning, pre-work study sessions are even better. Whatever works for you! 

Why Studying Off-Campus is Lower in Cost Than On-Campus Attendance

Importantly, studying off-campus can be much more affordable than committing to physically attending lectures, classes, and tutorials. This is because, firstly, the course fees associated with studying online are lower. Importantly, online course fees are significantly reduced when compared with studying on campus, as your educational facility will experience fewer overheads if you study remotely. As such, they will not pass on costs such as electricity, heating, and other utility bills to online students. Further, an online student is less likely to be using university resources such as the library, study areas, or on-campus electronic devices. This is because you will be most likely utilising your own computer or laptop to study from home. 

As well as this, the time-saving aspect of not having to commute to university also translates into cost-saving benefits. You won’t need to spend funds on public transport fares, or indeed, the cost of running your own car! With petrol and fuel prices the way they are currently, cutting costs any way you can is essential. For these reasons, remote study is a great way for you to save money

The benefits of remote study are multifaceted. Indeed, the convenience, additional free time and better life balance online students enjoy are well documented. Further, in saving precious time by not having to commute, you can also dedicate more hours to completing your coursework – thus ensuring a better quality of the assignments you submit. Studying remotely also has social and psychological benefits – especially for introverts! Finally, and perhaps most importantly for some, studying online makes completing a course more manageable financially, as online course fees are lower than those associated with studying on campus.

All images: Vlada Karpovich / Pexels 

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