In light of recent food poisoning cases around the world – a salmonella outbreak in the US in June that sickened over 100 people was linked to contaminated pre-cut melons and several people in Australia died because of contaminated rockmelons in February – it is more important than ever to get up to speed about the right way to handle food.

Closer to home, Malaysian and Singaporean netizens were shocked by a video that circulated on social media in June this year of staff at a Bangsar, KL, eatery washing plates in a dirty puddle.

Contamination can occur at several junctures, such as during the production of the food, the processing of raw materials, and even during the transport and display of the food.

When a food product finally makes it to the kitchen, it is also in danger of cross contamination, which is the transfer of bacteria or viruses through the use of contaminated items such as knives or chopping boards.

Be vigilant and adopt these 5 food safety tips to minimise the risk of food poisoning.

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1. Picking up refrigerated and frozen items last
1. Picking up refrigerated and frozen items last
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At the supermarket, pick up your refrigerated and frozen items last, just before you make your way to the checkout counter.

Choose chilled items that have been properly packed without any tear in the packaging.

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