My wife and I have never shied away from the new or exciting, particularly when it comes to technology. We swapped our bulky mobile phones for the mini’s, then the flips and finally the touch screens. We have the top of the range television as well as home automation and smart control, but we wouldn’t put anything past our newest smart investment, the bidet!

In the early 2000s the most experience we’d had with bidets was when we were staying at an International Hotel.

We were sceptical when we first contacted The Bidet Shop to discuss the range of bidets available in the Australian market. Having limited experience with the product and barely anyone in Australia have heard of, let alone use these machines, we were not sure what to expect in comparison.

The fully integrated bidet, which fitted directly onto our toilet, seemed like a great idea and very civilised. We have enjoyed our bidet experience so much, that we have purchased an additional retrofitting seat for our guest bathroom and have even had the great opportunity of trading in our old bidet for a newer model.

Now we are in 2020 and how times have changed. Bidets still aren’t the most common toileting accessory but when there was the toilet paper crisis, we didn’t even feel the shortage. Being so accustomed to our bidet use, toilet paper is obsolete in our household. We were the envy of all of our friends who were stuck in cues attempting to get the last few rolls of toilet paper.

At first, we sat and had a little giggle, but then decided to share one of the best inventions ever and our greatest bathroom secret, the bidet. If you haven’t looked into it already, we recommended you do it today!

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This is a sponsored article produced in partnership with The Bidet Shop.

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