Home projects are wonderful – no matter how big or small your project is, there’s nothing quite like getting your hands on some tools and embarking on a journey to make something of your own.

For the first-time DIYer, though, the vast array of projects and ideas that come to mind can be overwhelming. It can be tough to look at a shelf of tools and wonder if all you’ll need is a pair of quality pliers or something more complex for your project.

Let’s explore ten great DIY projects around the home, particularly if you’re looking to make small, but valuable improvements to where you live.

Store Your Stuff – Build a Shelf

Storage can be so difficult in small spaces sometimes. When working with limited space, consider creating your own shelves, and affixing them to the walls. They can be great, not only as a feature piece but also for storing a few things without purchasing large and expensive storage.

Seal Up Those Draughts

With electricity costs rising, and colder weather on the way, a simple project that can also be beneficial for your house could be sealing up all the air draughts that occur around older doors and insecure windows.

Some silicone sealant is a great way to seal gaps around windows, while draught guards and stoppers are fantastic at stopping those chilly winter blasts from getting into your home. Why not go further with this and knit your own draught stoppers, so that next time you have friends over, you’ll not only have left draughts but a wonderful conversation piece.

Create Your Dream Home Office

With many workplaces shifting to a hybrid or remote working environment, there’s never been a better time to take on a DIY project for your ideal home office.

From making your own foot-stools and cushions for increased comfort to stationery holders, bookends, and your own stationery, the possibilities are simply endless.

Using some items from around the home, you can create all sorts of items that can make your home office life a little simpler and a little more unique.

Improve Your Lighting

Are your spaces looking a little dark and gloomy? Consider setting up some lighting features to not only improve the lighting in your rooms but also to add a new and exciting feature. For a relatively small expense, clusters of fairy lights can provide an amazing under-glow effect.

Don’t be afraid to look outside for lighting opportunities, either. A few solar-powered lamps can produce a welcoming effect, the next time you choose to hold a dinner party or gathering with friends.

Tile A Side Table

Perhaps you’re looking for a project to create a feature piece at home. Why not get rid of the coasters, and instead create a tiled surface for a coffee or side table? While it’s not only fantastic to look at, you’ll also make it easier to clean, the next time you spill a coffee.

Create Your Own Cable Trays

For those that are looking to tidy up, cables can be a finicky, disruptive, and sometimes dangerous thing. Fortunately, with some clever use of electrical tape and plastic containers, you can create your own cable runs and trays. 

This is not only a fantastic, straightforward project, but can also be incredibly useful if you’ve got a penchant for tripping over exposed cables, or want to keep your friends and family safe when they traverse around the electronics at your home.

Build a Veggie Garden

With the price of food getting increasingly expensive, finding ways to save money but also DIY can be incredibly beneficial. A great, simple project for the budding DIY enthusiast could involve setting up a small veggie garden – or perhaps if you live in a smaller home, a herb garden.

This can be a great way to dabble in the world of horticulture, while also developing a sense of ownership and pride over the things you make.

Paint the Front Door

One of the most heavily used parts of a home is the front door – consider how often you may walk through it on a daily basis. If your door is looking a little distressed, it may be the ideal candidate for a fresh coat of paint.

This can not only enhance the look of your door but can also become a statement piece for onlookers and potential future buyers. One recent study from a buyer’s group found that a painted front door could improve the sale price of a home by several thousand dollars – handy information if you’re looking to move in the near future.

Enhance Your Living Spaces

There are a length and breadth of wandering living ideas – stretching beyond painting and tidying. Consider some of the simple ways that you can make your living spaces better – perhaps it’s having a charging cable tidy and close by, or creating your own footstool – the possibilities are endless.

Makeover Your Furniture

Last, but not least, don’t forget about the power of upholstery. With thousands of tonnes of furniture being wastefully thrown out each and every year, there are plenty of second-hand, lightly used items available on websites such as Gumtree and Facebook Marketplace.

Rather than purchasing a new chair, consider reupholstering or repairing a new or second-hand purchase. Not only are you doing your bit to help reduce the amount of furniture that ends up in landfill, but you may just save a bit of money too.

No matter what your DIY idea is, there’s always a way to get it done. Don’t be afraid to experiment, try new ideas, and take on those new projects – DIY can be an incredibly rewarding experience, and sometimes you just don’t know where it will take you.

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