Are the tiles chipping on your home and are you longing for a rebirth and transformation? We’ve all been there. In this article, you will learn how to turn your old terrace house into something new, which may include interior works or exterior house painting Sydney residences can consider. The inspiring tips, budgetary recommendations, and informative fundamental real-life practices demonstrate that a dream renovation is achievable. Well, here is your popcorn and the lights are dimmed, let us take you on this transformation journey from the walls of weathered to a Sydneian shimmer!

Planning the perfect reno

Have you ever dreamt of transforming your home, just like those inspiring weekend makeovers on TV? This couple, a graphic designer with a passion for light-filled spaces and a modern kitchen, and a practical carpenter focused on functionality and budget, were ready to bring their dream home to life.

The first change made was coming up with a definite strategy. Identifying the extent of the focus entailed the creation of a list of all the fields you wished to address. The list of essential tasks that needed urgent attention included retouching the paint both internally and externally as the outer look of the building looked rather worn out. The backyard was among the features that had been overgrown.

Budgeting for success

Renovation costs can sometimes surprise you, so budgeting is key! A quick online search can give you a rough idea of average prices in Sydney for painting jobs. Consider getting quotes from a few reputable painters, as the price will depend on the size and number of rooms you want painted.

Understanding that the roof, being an iron one, would stand the test of time in the harsh Aussie sun for only a limited period. By following the advice of several licensed roofers, you opted for high-grade paint produced for the climatic conditions.

The overgrown garden was impossible to maintain. Finally, as far as gardening services in the city are concerned, affordable garden services Sydney people could think about. After all, professional landscaping might contribute a lot in terms of the property increases in their value.

And last but not least came the issue of the old kitchen which was definitely in dire need of refurbishment. As much as you wanted to overhaul the kitchen, a practical thing to do for the chairs, tables and benches was to repaint the cabinets, the bench tops were also visually and architecturally worn out. Some of the general repair work could have been done earlier.

Sustainability Matters

When choosing materials for your renovation, consider opting for sustainable options like low VOC paint to minimise environmental impact. You can also explore other eco-friendly practices like installing energy-efficient appliances or water-saving fixtures. These choices not only benefit the environment but can also save you money on utility bills in the long run.

Demolition decisions

While the plan was taking shape, a crucial question emerged: can anyone guess whether or not some walls might have to come down? Luckily, the available design was not unacceptable, thus, erasing the horrible possibility of demolition. Nevertheless, you can still look for expert demolition services and save it for future projects.

The renovation rolls on

As the goal has been set and the financial capability to achieve it considered, this was the time to make things move. It was not long before the first group arrived – that of the demolition workers. They effectively eliminated the previous kitchen cabinets, thus creating prime space to develop the masterpiece.

Next came the painters. To lighten up the interior, you can carefully select a fresh colour for it – a colour that is relatively new and bright. In courtesy, the portrait painters as real artists wanted to give a perfect finish to the clothes lines. While the interior was being refreshed, a landscaping company was called in. They transformed the overgrown backyard into a beautiful native garden, perfect for low-maintenance living.

The last remaining element was the roof. Working at the roofing premises, roofers and their unique tools turned the previously unremarkable and lethargic roof into a bright and protective metal armour. A beautiful painting can reflect the sunshine with near regal gracefulness all over the external facade of the house.

Lessons learned

Planning is paramount. Identify the area you want to work on, control expenditure and look for service prices for residential roof painting Sydney homeowners can give thought to. Shop around for contractors! Getting quotes from several different companies allows you to compare prices and services. Consider online resources or contacting local trade organizations to find reputable contractors who fit your budget.

It places so much preference in seeking the right individuals to give the job. Make sure to work with reputable and professional businesses; whether it is a painter, roofer or gardener. They can help you avoid time and financial losses, extensive effort and stress.

Last but not least, there may be some twists and turns so consider them as well. No detailed planning is flawless; there is always some variation that can occur even in the best laid-out plans. It always pays off to set aside some cash for emergencies when creating a budget since no one can predict what might happen next.

Therefore, if you desire a home renovation then reflecting on the process can be useful. When done correctly, people can easily create a realistic budget, and with the assistance of competent experts, one can turn their house into an elegant one. 

  • Embrace DIY where possible: The construction experience also proved useful when you had to redesign the kitchen to look like this. However, if you do not mind managing rooms individually, you can perform smaller works yourself to cut costs.
  • Forget about sophisticated approaches to organising; sometimes it is enough to declutter your working space. As the work is set to start, you can dedicate your weekend to sorting and clearing all the things from the house. Moreover, it helped make the renovation process easier and provided a clearer picture of the interior to the participants.
  • Sustainability matters: In the choice of paint for the exterior, you can try low VOC paint as a measure to minimise the environment’s pollution. To make the home better for both the life of the home and the health of those who live there you can look at similar choices in material and landscaping.
  • Communication: Always make communication with your contractors clear especially where you hire some of them for a long time. It is also important to clarify such issues by talking about them as soon as possible, as it may result in misunderstandings and eventual delays in project implementation.


Turning your dream renovation into reality starts with careful planning and the right team by your side. Throughout this Sydney terrace’s transformation, we’ve seen the power of combining creativity with practical considerations. Just like this couple achieved their dream home, you can too. Whether it’s a full renovation or a fresh coat of paint on the exterior, professionals can help you navigate every step of the journey. Contact one today for a free consultation and start visualising your dream home!

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