Celebrate mum with a feast! While you could celebrate your mother with a Mother’s Day gift, nothing will get to her heart more than a home-cooked meal. If your mum usually handles dish duty, a night off is a welcome idea and will make her feel special. Treat your mother to a three-course meal or breakfast in bed from her favourite dishes. You can find interesting ideas and inspiration online, for example, the Mother’s Day meal ideas with HelloFresh. Whether you want to cook comfort food or something fancy to impress her, we have a couple of ideas for various taste palates.

Mother’s Day Breakfast Ideas

Why not start your mum’s special day off with breakfast in bed? If you’re having a hard time deciding what to make for breakfast, we have interesting recipe ideas for you. Whether you want to try sweet brunch recipes or hearty and savoury ideas, here are some exciting recipes to try out:


  • Classic homemade waffles: You can never go wrong with the classics, like crepes, cinnamon rolls and pancakes. Waffles are a beloved classic breakfast dish that you can prepare in a few minutes. Besides, you only need a handful of ingredients to put together crispy and fluffy waffles with a little maple syrup on top.
  • French toast stuffed with tiramisu: Does your mum love classic tiramisu? Then she will be delighted if you make tiramisu-stuffed French toast. The silky filling made from cream cheese makes it yummy!
  • Spiced bacon: While bacon is already the candy of meats, giving it a little kick doesn’t hurt. If your mum doesn’t like spicy dishes, sprinkle rosemary on the bacon.

Italian Mother’s Day Menu

Make your mother feel cherished by cooking her favourite Italian meal. Italian dishes are hearty and creative, highlighting your thoughtful gesture. If you are aiming for an Italian-themed Mother’s Day, start the day off with frittatas made with meat, cheese and vegetables. For dinner ideas, consider an Italian recipe like mushroom risotto, or go for comfort food like a hearty casserole dish, such as lasagne with a meaty tomato sauce, melted cheese and pasta. You can never go wrong with tiramisu for dessert. Whip up the classic tiramisu made from mascarpone and boudoir biscuits soaked in coffee.

Vegetarian Mother’s Day Menu

Whether you want to treat your mum to mid-morning brunch or a delicious dinner, you can find impressive vegetarian dishes to try out. Try vegan cinnamon swirl pancakes for breakfast or French toast cups. While cinnamon buns may take some time to make, they are a great treat and fill the house with delicious aromas. For dinner, you can cook cauliflower fritters with a garlic mayo dip or prepare a traybake with flatbread, green salad and sauces ready for everyone to dig in. Wondering what to prepare for dessert to go with your hearty dish? How about baking a rhubarb cake? You can add all kinds of fruits and vegetables to improve the flavour.

Mother’s Day Seafood Menu

If your mum loves seafood, treat her like royalty to homemade seafood dishes. A starter dish to consider is queenie scallops, or you can go all in with a tray bake of cod, cherry tomato, and green olives served with buttered orzo. If your mum enjoys a good barbeque, how about grilled prawns with rosemary and lime butter? The hazelnut and thyme in ocean trout are also perfect additions to dinner, with their wow factor.

Your collection of seafood dishes is incomplete without salmon recipes. For something extra special, try curing your salmon with sugar, spices and horseradish. If you want something light, fresh and flavourful, sashimi salmon and pomelo skewers are great additions to your dinner.

If you’ve been buying gifts for your mum, it’s time to do something extra special for her. Wake her up with breakfast in bed or cook a hearty dinner that will put a smile on her face. These Mother’s Day meal ideas are bound to impress her and make her feel loved.

Image: Nadin Sh | Pexels

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