Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese Mountain Dog
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Dr Aramendi says Bernese Mountain Dogs are not only one of the most beautiful and friendly giant breeds out there, but they’re also surprisingly calm. And contrary to what their enormous size may suggest, they don’t require as much activity as other dogs. “They are highly intelligent, and for this reason, they tend to be very easy to train and get into a routine,” he explains. “Because they are an oversized breed, they can hold elimination for long periods. If you live in a large home with lots of space and a big yard, this could be an excellent breed for you.”

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Senior dogs

Senior dogs

Technically speaking, senior dogs aren’t a breed. But Dr Tripp says old dogs are generally better at spending time alone. They are already housebroken, don’t need as many active minutes exercising, and like to sleep more than puppies or young adults. Plus, adopting a senior pup from a shelter is a kind act, since they are often the least desirable to pet owners.

Here are 15 things dog shelters want you to know.

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