A very furry Christmas

A very furry Christmas
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Do you start Christmas shopping for matching dog and owner pyjamas before it’s even Halloween? Do you write a letter to Santa on behalf of your cat? Then this guide is for you!

For so many pet owners, beloved cats and dogs are just as much a part of the family as anyone else. And we’ve come up with some fun ways to include them in your Christmas celebrations – while keeping them safe at the same time.

Here’s our ultimate guide to celebrating the holidays with your fluffy family members – it’s sure to fill them with the holiday spirit.


Holiday activities with your pet

Holiday activities with your pet

Can you include your pet in your Christmas traditions and holiday activities? Why not? There are so many fun ways to get them involved.

For dogs, one great idea is to take them to outdoor light displays. Well-behaved dogs are usually welcomed if they’re on leash. Or for rambunctious pups, enjoy the lights from the comfort of your car.

Cats are curious creatures and do well to “help” with wrapping (or maybe unwrapping?) presents – it’s sure to lead to some cute animal photos too, so start a new tradition by including your cat in the boxing and unboxing fun.

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Pet-friendly Christmas decor

Pet-friendly Christmas decor

Decorating your home for the festive season is a sure way to impart a warm and festive air. And luckily, there’s plenty of pet-friendly holiday decor.

You can help your pet get into the festivities by giving them seasonal pet food mats or pet stockings to hang on the mantle with the rest of the family, or by hanging some personalised pet ornaments on the tree.

Holiday inflatables are among the most popular outdoor Christmas decoration ideas. So why not celebrate your love for your four-legged friends with a Santa dog inflatable?

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Holiday outfits for pets

Holiday outfits for pets

One of the best ways to include your pet in the holiday celebrations is with a holiday outfit. Every pet looks adorable in a little Santa costume, so they’re a must for any Christmas photo, as is unwrapping presents under the tree in your matching dog and owner pyjamas. Seriously, nothing would be cuter! If you’re matching Christmas pyjamas with dogs, look for something comfortable that you can both relax in all morning.

Cats have plenty of options for fun holiday outfits too… whether they are happy to wear them is another matter.

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Gifts for you and your furry friend

Gifts for you and your furry friend

Whether you’re shopping for yourself, for a stocking stuffer for your pet, or for your fellow dog and cat parents, here are some of the best gifts for pet lovers – and their pets!

Personalised gifts are always a winner – from socks to face masks, everyone loves getting a gift with an image of their pet on it!

Dogs love trying new treats – or consider a bone to keep them occupied while you enjoy Christmas dinner.

Meanwhile, no cat will be able to resist the allure of a new toy to play with.

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Keeping pets safe during the holidays

Keeping pets safe during the holidays

Although pets can have plenty of fun during the holidays, pet owners also need to consider their safety. While the holidays for us often mean large gatherings and lots of commotion, what’s fun for us can sometimes be distressing to pets. John Otero of PuroClean, specialists in property damage repair and home safety, shares these tips on how pet owners can keep their furry pals safe during the holidays.

If you’re hosting a party: “If your pet is timid or gets stressed in crowds, you might want to move your pet into a locked room or into their crate before guests arrive,” says Otero. “They’ll feel more comfortable and won’t be frightened by loud noises. Be sure to add a favourite toy or treat for a bit of comfort.”

Be careful around doors: Even if your pets are comfortable around visitors, it’s still important to keep a close eye on them, says Otero, especially at entrances. “Your pet may still get scared, and once an exit door is opened, he or she may break out and get lost.” Try practising “doorbell etiquette” with your pets before the holiday crowds arrive, and give them toys or treats to reward good behaviour.

Keep pets safe from decorations: “Sparkling decorations and candles are likely to draw your pet’s attention – especially cats,” says Otero. “Always keep Christmas decorations like pine cones, ornaments and fake snow away from your pet’s reach, as it can make them sick if accidentally ingested.” Also, remember that cats (and some dogs) like to chew on electrical cords. You can eliminate this temptation and reduce the risk of shock or fire by unplugging your tree lights, decorations and candle lights before leaving the house, says Otero.

Go easy on the people food! We know, we know. It’s hard to resist puppy dogs staring up at you from under the table. But oily, fatty holiday foods can make your pet seriously sick, reminds Otero. Some Christmas foods that are toxic to pets include walnuts, cooked bones, chocolates, raisins, yeast dough and fruit pits. (Psst, these are the regular foods that are toxic to dogs and cats.) Remember to dispose of all your leftovers in a closed container, so that pets don’t get curious and decide to help themselves.

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