In 1957, Tunstall Healthcare began as a television and radio shop in Doncaster, England. Since then, we have grown from a humble retail partnership into a global leader in innovation and technology, providing Connected Healthcare solutions for millions of people worldwide.

In 2001, Tunstall Healthcare opened its first Australian response centre in Brisbane, followed by the response centre in Tauranga, New Zealand, in 2002. The office in Brisbane now serves as headquarters for the Asia-Pacific Region, employing more than 100 people and caring for over 70,000 clients.

What’s changed – and what hasn’t
Our aim is simple – a world where people have the freedom to live life to the full in a place of their choice.

The health and care industries have changed considerably since 1957. We have witnessed rapidly increasing demands for innovative solutions to the issues facing older people and those with long-term health needs.

What hasn’t changed is our commitment to supporting our clients, workers, and care providers in delivering tailored, market-leading Connected Healthcare solutions regardless of a person’s age, location, or ability.

With a Productivity Commission report predicting that over 3.5 million Australians will be using aged care by 2050, let’s take a look at how Tunstall’s services have evolved over the years, and how we’re leading the way using technology and innovation in health and care services to meet this rising demand.

Care Solutions
Tunstall’s care technology makes it possible for individuals of any age to live independently and safely wherever they choose. We began first with our founder Norman Tunstall designing a solution for his elderly mother, allowing her to call for help at home whenever she needed.

Now, an in-home personal alarm can link to a range of home environment and activity sensors, supporting the wellbeing and safety of any person living independently or with a carer. In an emergency, the individual can summon help by activating their personal alarm, which links to our 24/7 Customer Care Centre. Our Care Consultants can then provide whatever assistance necessary any time of day.

Mobile personal alarms are also available, using mobile/cellular technology to call for assistance when activated. Devices can even use specialised sensors to detect a fall and raise an alert automatically. This provides our clients with the peace of mind that, wherever they are, help is always at hand.

Looking into the future
Tunstall’s Cognitive Care is a new intelligent health and social care solution for the future. The system would use data from various sources such as smartphones, wearables, sensors, etc. to develop a more complete picture of a person’s health and wellbeing. Working with experts and specialists, the system analyses and interprets the available data and uses the insight gained to develop intuitive and personalised care models.

As an example, with the aid of artificial intelligence, the system could monitor changes in the vitals or behaviour of an individual, such as someone living with Alzheimer’s disease. By recognising warning signs or patterns, the system could predict potential deterioration in the person’s health or the increased likelihood of injury.

The system could then send real-time messages to the individual or their caregivers so that they can intervene in time. This way, health and care services can allocate resources effectively and ensure that people with long-term health conditions can get the right levels of support as early as possible.

Tunstall is also planning future changes and improvements to meet the needs of clients and care providers by making significant investments into a digitally enabled future. This will help transform the current models of health and care and ensure that the innovative solutions available will continue to help people maintain their wellbeing into the future.

How we can help
Many people may be hesitant to accept assistance or new technology, believing that it will restrict their independence. However, in reality, assistive technology helps older people and those with long-term health needs live even more independently, by supporting in-home care and reducing the need for more intensive and intrusive care models.

We’re extremely proud and grateful to have been a part of enabling and supporting the independence of so many people across the world these past 65 years – and we’re excited to see what the next 65 will bring.

Find out more about Tunstall and how we could help you and your loved ones by visiting our website, or reach out to our team today .

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This is a sponsored article produced in partnership with Tunstall Healthcare.

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