80s and up: Alzheimer’s risk skyrockets

80s and up: Alzheimer’s risk skyrockets

By the time you reach 85, you have almost a 50 per cent risk of Alzheimer’s. That doesn’t mean the fate of your memory is sealed, though. While genetics play a factor, challenging your mind with brain-boosting activities and socialising can help. One method stands above the rest: “By far the most powerful thing is aerobic exercise,” says Dr Perlmutter. In a 10-year study of more than 3700 adults aged 60 and up, those who exercised the most had the largest brains and lowest risk of dementia compared to those who got the least physical activity. The protective effect was strongest for those 75 and older. Aim for 20 minutes of aerobics every single day, recommends Dr Perlmutter.

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