One of the many ways you can show your loved ones you care about them is by ensuring that you do the best you can to stay healthy. Regular exercise, eating clean and getting enough sleep are among the most common actions that people take in order to maintain their health. However, it’s not always easy.

In the last two years, we have experienced an unprecedented hardship that has made staying fit even more of a challenge than it ever was. One of the most important functions of our body, the respiratory system, has been put at risk due to the global pandemic.

For a good part of us globally, the focus shifted from the overall general well-being to our lungs as well as other parts of our breathing system. More and more people have become acutely aware of how breathing affects our health. Authors and authority figures all of the world have spoken up and released work educating people on this particular topic and it has become a new trend, one that we hope will stay trending for many years to come.

Now the question is, which book do we read? Which breathing exercises do we do? Can I just do one type of exercise every day to keep it simple but still reap all the benefits?

The answer is, yes, you can with WellO2.

Founded in the 2000s in Finland, WellO2 is the most versatile breathing trainer combining Steam Breathing and Resistance Breathing/RMT (Respiratory Muscle Training). You do not need to worry about doing any other kind of breathing exercises when you have the WellO2, it’s the one-stop solution for your breathing exercise needs. On top of that, you only need to do it for 10 minutes every day!

WellO2 is now available with free shipping Australia-wide and their representative office is located in Sydney, NSW.

So start breathing the good life (again) and invest in your long-term health today.

5 ways to get lung fit!

  1. Stay hydrated: It might seem simple but keeping well hydrated helps maintain the health of the mucosal lining in the lungs.
  2. Slow relaxed breaths: Deep breathing helps you to expand and allow your lungs to reach their full capacity.
  3. Nasal Breathing: Our nose is an important part of the respiratory system. It warms and humidifies the air we breathe and helps protect the airways from allergens, pollutants, and pathogens.
  4. Sit straight, stand tall and breathe with the diaphragm: Our lungs are soft structures, so making room for them to expand and contract as we breathe is incredibly important. Breathing patterns become abnormal with excessive use of the upper rib cage, which leads to insufficient use of the diaphragm while breathing.
  5. Invest in a WellO2: Breathing exercise devices such as WellO2 are beneficial not only for those experiencing ongoing respiratory concerns, but for individuals looking to engage in conscious breathing for everyday general wellness.

Hear from some of our very happy customers, WellO2 really can change lives!


I have now been using WellO2 for last 6 weeks on and off but in the last 3 weeks I have been doing it every day since my wife has noticed I haven’t been snoring as much and I am waking up feeling a lot more energised.” – Ivan | Sydney, NSW


My son in law gave me this product as a gift for my birthday, he told me it would help with my breathing since I have asthma. The first week of using it, I experienced some shortness of breath which I expected since I have had previous medical treatment for my asthma and it always came during the first days of treatment.

I started to experience the benefits after using it for about 2 weeks. It’s very apparent because I’m a part of a prayers’ recital group and I notice I can recite my prayers without having to stop as much! Even my friends in the group noticed!

I am very satisfied and I am going to increase both the temperature and the resistance to get even stronger! Thank you, WellO2!” – Santi Ade | Sydney, NSW


I have used this product for the last few weeks. I have mostly used the nose piece. I have a very runny / blocked nose when I sleep, and usually wake up to blow my nose during the night, and by the morning I am always very congested. Using WellO2 has definitely made a difference. I don’t wake up as often, and I am much less sniffly in the morning. I will keep using it, and do recommend it to others. Great product.” – LeifM

For a limited time, we are offering Reader’s Digest readers the opportunity to buy a WellO2 steam breathing device for just $299! ($399 RRP) and FREE delivery. We offer a 60-day money back guarantee and ongoing support for your breathing journey with our Breathing Club. Simply add the WellO2 steam breathing device to your cart and enter code ‘RD299’ at checkout.


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This is a sponsored article produced in partnership with Well02.

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