If you experience difficulty hearing TV speech and dialogue clearly, you now have an alternative solution to hearing aids that leaves your “ears free” and hearing every punch line crystal clear. 

The new TV Voice Pro Soundbar is a sleek speaker which is designed to make every word clear again, acting as a complete substitute for your regular TV audio. Hearing specialist Don Hudson says that the soundbar has several important features to benefit those with hearing loss. 

“Most regular TV audio places a central focus on surround sound effects and music, and these effects often mask out the dialogue completely for someone with hearing loss. Unlike regular TV audio, the TV Voice Pro Soundbar is designed to automatically focus on speech and dialogue as a priority. Additionally, users of the soundbar can select from several speech clarity settings, and if they wish they can also tailor the sound further to suit their hearing levels.” 

The 80 cm soundbar, which sits below your TV on any hard surface, will also allow most users with hearing loss to reduce the volume of the TV audio (from their regular levels), reducing frustrations for others in the home. Don Hudson says, 

“In many cases, those with hearing loss are trying to increase the volume of their regular TV audio in an attempt to get the clarity they need; however, they find themselves having to go louder and louder on certain programs, and this is because the sound effects and music are being turned up with the dialogue, often leaving them back in the same position and struggling to hear the words. With the TV Voice Pro Soundbar you can expect to reduce the volume significantly from your regular volume, whilst still hearing the TV dialogue clearly.” 

TV Voice Pro additionally offer wireless TV earphones, also designed specifically to clarify TV speech and dialogue. The TV Voice Pro wireless earphones have now been selling in Australia for over six years. With the new TV Voice Pro Soundbar added to the range, those seeking to clarify their TV audio now have several alternatives to choose from. A unique benefit is that the TV Voice Pro Soundbar and any pair of TV Voice Pro wireless earphones can even be used on the same TV, or across different TVs in the household, giving people a complete solution to clarify TV audio in their home. 

The TV Voice Pro Soundbar is simple to use and can be connected to any TV (new or old) in under 2 minutes. The soundbar is $549 and comes with a 30-day money back guarantee and free express courier delivery anywhere in Australia.  

To order call 1300 300 446 or order online at www.TvVoicePro.com.au 

This is a sponsored article produced in partnership with TV Voice Pro

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