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Not eating enough
Not eating enough
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You’re on a low-carb diet but weight loss has stalled and you’re getting frustrated. These common mistakes might be sabotaging your health, energy, sleep – and weight-loss success.

Cutting back on carb-rich foods typically means you’re eliminating some staples of your usual diet (bread, pasta, rice, cereal). This equates to eating less than you might normally, and therefore taking in fewer kilojoules. In addition, protein and fat are more satisfying and filling than carbs, so you’ll feel less hungry. Combine feeling fuller with eating less overall and you could end up not eating enough. Do a quick calculation of the calories you’re taking in and make sure you aren’t going below 1200 calories. You don’t want to go into starvation mode and lose precious muscle mass – that would slow down your metabolism, which would undermine your efforts. Calculating kilojoules not your strong point? This equation will help turn estimates into firm information about what you’re eating.

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