In 2019, at 29 years of age and already 32 weeks pregnant with her youngest son, Isaac, Alisha Salih received devastating news: she’d been diagnosed with stage four breast cancer. Doctors delivered the heart-wrenching prognosis that she had a maximum of 15 years left to live.

Resilient and determined, Alisha, now a mother of seven, embarked on a remarkable journey to make the most of her remaining time. She was determined to create unforgettable experiences, including marrying her long-time soulmate, Metin Salih, in front of their family on November 30, 2019.

Alisha’s journey began in June 2017 when she noticed a lump on her breast. She attempted to see several doctors during this time and had a hospital visit when a biopsy was done. Initially, it was diagnosed as an abscess caused by a bacterial infection and the biopsy was to test for staph infection, not cancer. Sadly, Alisha’s concerns weren’t taken seriously until 2019.

Just four days before Christmas, Alisha received the devastating news that she had breast cancer.

Her life-changing diagnosis came amidst the whirlwind of pregnancy hormones and the responsibility of caring for six kids, all under the age of 11. Undeterred, Alisha underwent a mastectomy at 33 weeks pregnant, with every precaution taken to ensure the safety of her unborn child, Isaac, a child she had longed for after years of trying to conceive.

After a brief two-week recovery period, Alisha went back under the surgeon’s knife for a caesarean at 35 weeks to welcome her precious son into the world. Just three weeks later, she began chemotherapy, a formidable journey to fight the cancer that had unexpectedly entered her life.

Alisha’s response to her dire diagnosis was nothing short of inspirational.

She created a bucket list filled with aspirations and dreams, determined to live life to the fullest:

  • Take the family on their first overseas trip (Fiji or Bali).
  • Have the opportunity to marry Metin in front of our kids.
  • Swim with the magnificent turtles.
  • Compete in a figure competition.
  • Learn to speak another language.
  • Share a slow dance in the sunset after a romantic dinner.
  • Prepare and educate our children on life’s complexities, protect them, and guide them through the challenges, from friendship woes to first heartbreaks, to getting them ready for formals and high school graduations.
  • Take the kids horse riding.
  • Drive along the Great Ocean Road and visit the hot springs with Metin.
  • Treat the kids to their first Royal Easter Show experience.

Despite the severity of her diagnosis, Alisha’s spirit remains unbreakable. “I thought I’d have a lifetime to teach my children life skills and give them special memories,” she says. “My breast cancer is incurable, but I am determined it will not control me. Hugs, kisses and family moments are what’s important.”

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When you choose the 2024 Australian Women’s Health Diary, you’re not just picking up a calendar; you’re extending a hand of care

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