When the kids go to bed parents often spend their ‘downtime’ preparing for the incoming mess of another day.

The problem with children is that they are children and in the excitement of life, often forget to be responsible for themselves and clean up their own mess.

Which is where these hacks come in. Ever consider using a slice of bread to clean? We did, ’cause it works.

Check out these domestic hacks to save you time, money and a night on your feet cleaning up after the incoming tide of people.

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1. My kid scribbled on the wall with a felt-tip marker
1. My kid scribbled on the wall with a felt-tip marker

First try the simplest fix, which will be least harmful to the wall, and then use tougher methods if that doesn’t work.

Wipe with a dry paper towel.

If the mark is still wet or the surface is smooth and nonporous, the paper towel may remove the mark.

If wiping with paper alone doesn’t do it, try moistening the towel with rubbing alcohol.

It’s still there? Go for the hard stuff—mineral spirits or kerosene.

These are flammable, so be careful.

They can also alter wall finishes, so test them first in an inconspic-uous area of the same surface.

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