1. Engineer

1. Engineer
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Average civil engineer salary: $84,770

Average mechanical or industrial engineer salary: $85,880

“We surveyed over 10,000 millionaires all across the country for the researching finding in my new book Everyday Millionaires: How Ordinary People Built Extraordinary Wealth—and How You Can Too,” says author Chris Hogan.

“The things that we found was that these were regular, everyday people working regular, everyday jobs.”

Hogan and his research team asked for the millionaires’ professions to learn more about how these people became net worth millionaires—which includes how much money they have when they factor in what they own minus what they owe.

“The number one profession amongst these millionaires was engineers,” says Hogan. “That doesn’t surprise me; they’re good at planning.”

It’s also among the 100 best jobs in this 2019 U.S. News and World Report Survey.

In this feature, we included median 2017 salaries from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics website but it’s important to have conversations with people in your profession and region, advises Vicki Salemi, career expert at US-based jobs platform Monster.

“Salaries for one position in a major metro area like New York City can be vastly different to another in a rural part of the country as well as levels comparing a new manager to a manager who has seven to ten years of experience,” she says.

You can also take into consideration competition for jobs.

Scoring your dream position or securing a juicy promotion can happen with the right strategies. We’ve asked career experts how to hone your job skills and forge alliances to keep your paycheque steady.


2. CPA

2. CPA
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Average certified public accountant salary: $69,350

“The second most common profession amongst the millionaires we surveyed were accountants,” says Hogan.

“That doesn’t surprise me either because they’re good at counting.”

There’s a high potential for upward mobility in this career as well, according to the U.S. News and World Report survey.

The number one thing that millionaires across the country said contributed to their millionaire status was utilising company-sponsored retirement plans, says Hogan.

“You’ve got two best friends with your money: time and compound interest.”

When you think “millionaire”, what image comes to mind? For many of us, it’s a flashy 1980s entrepreneur who flies a private jet, and lives the kind of decadent lifestyle that most of us can only dream about.

But many modern millionaires live in middle-class neighbourhoods, go to work and shop in discount stores like the rest of us. What motivates them isn’t material possessions but the choices that money can bring.

3. Teacher

3. Teacher
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Average high school teacher salary: $67,000

Average middle school teacher salary: $72,000

Average kindergarten and elementary teacher salary: $56,900

Average special education teacher salary: $61,000

Depending on your state, most teaching positions require a bachelor’s degree, though some require a master’s degree.

“Teachers were the third most common profession among our everyday millionaires surveyed,” says Hogan.

“That blew me away. This is a profession that I know is undervalued, [often] underpaid. So how did these teachers reach millionaire status when they retired? This shows that reaching millionaire status has nothing to do about your job, your income, or even where you went to school. It’s about having a plan for your money.”

Planning for your money takes, well, planning. Best start with an emergency fund. Here’s how much you should be saving and how to get started.

4. Human resources manager

4. Human resources manager
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Average human resources manager salary: $90,000

There’s a wide range of positions in the human resources field.

An HR manager oversees recruiting, hires new employees, does strategic planning with executive members of the company, and is often a liaison between upper management and employees.

The good thing about human resources careers is that you can apply those skills and your experience to industries where there’s rapid growth and expansion.

“Any industry where there is a strong need and there’s growth, there’s a need to hire these people,” says Salemi.

Consider a human resources job in healthcare or technology if you want to work in a sector that’s likely to have job security and growth opportunities, suggests Salemi.

For people with these skills, there are opportunities to focus on recruiting as a contractor in a growing industry, as well.

Find out what the top emerging jobs in the Asia-Pacific region are right now – and see if you have the necessary skills.

5. Software developer

5. Software developer
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Average software developer salary: $70,000

Afraid that all tech jobs will be sent offshore?

“Software developers and software applications jobs are here to stay because technology continues to evolve and there’s a labour shortage especially within tech for qualified candidates,” says Salemi.

“Also, as the app market has exploded, a company that had an online presence realises they should have a strong presence on your phone, too, so they need resources to develop an app.”

While you are on your path to professional and financial success, remember a clever way to build your savings account is to pretend you never had some of your money in the first place.

6. Data scientist

6. Data scientist
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Average computer and information research scientist salary: $98,000

Think about all the data you’re submitting to companies when you make an online purchase, or the details that websites are collecting as you click on a link or read a particular article.

All that information may be applied to improving, enhancing, and finding new ways to use technology. This field is expected to grow 19 percent from 2016 to 2026, according to BLS.gov.

“There was definitely a labour shortage when I was recruiting for data scientists,” says Salemi.

“It wasn’t uncommon for those professionals to get multiple offers.”

And while you are on your road to becoming a wealthy data scientist, could you help work out why we cry? Please?

7. Information security analyst

7. Information security analyst
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Average information security analyst salary: $85,000

Every company needs to protect their servers and put security systems in place to prevent a data breach.

Companies are looking for employees with experience in this field to ensure their networks are secure.

This position requires a bachelor’s degree but it’s one where employees could move within any industry they’re interested in—from retail, finance, healthcare, manufacturing, and more.

One of the most notable attributes among the millionaires in the Hogan survey was that they are hard workers.

“A hard worker is someone who shows up and does what needs to get done,” says Hogan.

“They understand not only their role; they also understand how their role fits into the bigger picture with the company. Doing their job and doing it with excellence is something that’s a character trait among millionaires.”

Chances are if you are in cyber security you can help track down the secretive cyber crooks making people’s life a misery. Take a look at the 20 things cyber crooks don’t want you to know.

8. Sales manager

8. Sales manager
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Average general sales manager salary: $75,000

Average sales manager in technology salary: $100,000

Any company interested in generating new sales and growing their business will need successful sales managers.

These positions are found in consumer products, online advertising, medical, and an array of other industries.

Research each field for what sounds interesting to you, suggests Salemi.

“See if you can test-drive it. You may want to volunteer at a local hospital. See if that’s the right setting for you. Take classes or a course in a technology field you’re curious about. Make sure any career is one you can see yourself enjoying, excelling in, and where there is room for growth,” Salemi says.

The personal growth aspect is really important, says Hogan. Consider what your gifts and talents are and what you want to pursue, he suggests.

“I think it’s really important to know, how can we grow ourselves so we can also grow our income. And then grow our potential for our future, for our financial freedom later in life.”

9. Dental hygienist

9. Dental hygienist

Average dental hygienist salary: $70,000

Yes, you have to be okay with looking into patient’s mouths all day and cleaning teeth, but this field has been growing for years and there are opportunities to make a lot of money in it, and some positions require only a two-year degree.

“When you’re looking at a career, determine the time and the money investment towards getting a degree in a field like this where you may have steadier pay than if you worked in a different area,” says Salemi.

“One of the best ways to get on that path towards retiring as a millionaire is to ask yourself, ‘Where is my career now? Where is it headed? Where should I be looking?’ ”

10. Genetic counsellor

10. Genetic counsellor
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Average genetic counsellor salary: $77,480

The role of this person is to assess individual or family risk for a variety of hereditary conditions, such as genetic disorders and birth defects. You’ll need a master’s degree in this field.

“Employment of genetic counselors is projected to grow 29 percent from 2016 to 2026—much faster than the average for all occupations,” according to the BLS.gov site.

“As technology has evolved and advanced, so has the need for counselors to interpret data and genetic information from tests,” says Salemi.

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