1. Bell peppers and broccoli

Vitamin C increases production of collagen, the skin’s building block. In other words, fewer fine lines around your eyes and mouth. Serving size: 1 cup fresh or ½ cup cooked per day.

2. Wild salmon

Omega-3 fatty acids help the skin retain moisture, making it soft and supple. The nourishing ingredient also maintains the scalp’s natural oils. Serving size: 100-200 grams, 3 times per week.

3. Blackberries and raspberries

Ellagic acid protects against UV rays and can help prevent wrinkles. Serving size: ½ cup fresh or frozen per day.

4. Tomatoes

Lycopene may help prevent sun damage. The potent antioxidant works best when cooked, so homemade marinara sauce and tomato soup are both great options. Serving size: Aim for at least 1 portion (about ¼ cup of sauce or 4 tomato slices) 5 times per week.

5. Dark chocolate

Cocoa flavonols improve circulation and blood flow to the scalp, delivering nutrients that may help keep it and your hair healthy. Serving size: 30 grams or 600 kilojoules per day.

6. Sweet potatoes

Beta-carotene destroys free radicals, preventing damage to skin cells. The body converts beta-carotene to vitamin A, which fights signs of ageing. Serving size: 1 per day. Swap in carrots, cantaloupe or mangoes for a comparable effect.

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