Help save Cindy... I watched as friends and strangers rallied around my dying classmate on Facebook. But it was all a scam.
A dentist's wife is dead. It looks like suicide. But the case turns out to be far more sinister.
The two boys saw themselves as big-time bad guys, serious criminals who would be infamous from coast to coast. A life of crime requires cash, though, and the easy way to get cash is to take it. [...]
Art forgers make millions conning art lovers with faked paintings. But one art detective is on their case.
He was a successful businessman. She was a suburban housewife. For 20 years, they kept quiet about their fatal affair.
An innocent schoolgirl, a masked intruder, a terrifying threat… Simon Bouda goes behind the scenes of Sydney’s shocking collar bomb attack and the adroit police work used to solve it.

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