Princess Eugenie has shared a lengthy tribute to her mother Sarah Ferguson for believing her pain as a child that led to her scoliosis diagnosis.

The royal shared a sweet photo from her childhood, showing her in a school uniform with her mother by her side.

The emotional post came on the heels of international scoliosis awareness day, as she thanked the Duchess of York for taking her disability seriously when she was young.

“My mum caught my scoliosis early and I was lucky enough to get the help I needed at 12 years old,” the post said.

“I thank her so much for that and also thank her for the confidence to be proud of my scar. She removed all the stigma around having scoliosis for me by confidently showing people what I’d been through and it took all the fear and anxiety out of being different at such a young age.”

“I am forever grateful and wish everyone to be proud of their scars.”

The Duchess of York wrote in response to her daughter’s tribute, “I am so touched by this and in awe of you. I hope this inspires young people to own their scars and life’s journey as you have so beautifully done.”

The 34-year-old has been an advocate for scoliosis awareness for many years, after having suffered from the condition since she was a child and receiving corrective surgery for it when she was 12-years-old.

The royal even used the occasion of her 2018 wedding to husband Jack Brooksbank to draw attention to the cause, displaying her scar proudly in a backless wedding dress and choosing to forgo a veil so that the scar could be seen better.

Image credits: Instagram

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