Follow our expert phone etiquette rules to avoid being rude and annoying on your smartphone.

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1. Put your phone away at the dinner table
1. Put your phone away at the dinner table
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This phone etiquette rule may seem obvious because, hello, it’s rude, but being courteous in public to both your dining partner and other diners is important, says Amy Rice, Gadget Expert for Gazelle.

Parenting, etiquette, and financial expert Brett Graff adds, “If it rings, and you must answer it, explain to your dining companions that your child is home by him or herself or that you’re waiting for a huge business deal to close. Otherwise, ignore it,” she says.

Now that you’ve learnt how to ignore your phone, these are the secret iPhone hacks you wish you knew about sooner – from charging the battery faster to taking a hands-free photo.

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