Here are 5 challenges of working from home and how you can overcome them.

If the idea of not having to commute to work appeals to you, be warned, working from home is not for everyone.

Though it may have many advantages, either as a freelancer or a remote worker, it also comes with its fair share of struggles.

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1. Where does where work time end and personal time begin?
1. Where does where work time end and personal time begin?

You may not look forward to your time in the office but when 5pm draws near, you’ll likely have a big smile on your face as you think about heading off for dinner and after-work plans.

However, if you’re living and working in the same place, it’s hard to draw the distinction and you may end up foregoing personal time.

Overcome it by: Setting very clear schedules on when you should stop working every day.

For example, if you prefer working in the evenings, set aside some personal time in the day.

Also, schedule non-work activities, such as exercise, daily so you will be forced to stop working at a certain time. Here’s how to squeeze in time for fitness.

No matter your location, you need to hone your job skills and forge alliances to keep your job, whether you work remotely or not.

Learn how to do it with our 10 savvy ways to become totally indispensable at work.

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