If you’re looking to attract, engage with, and acquire more customers across digital channels, enrolling in the Digital Marketing: Strategies, Models and Frameworks programme is a great choice. Offered by NUS Business School, this two-month online programme can give you the tools you need to transform the marketing strategies, processes and frameworks vital to growing your business and market share. But why this programme? 

Here are five reasons to choose NUS Business School’s Digital Marketing: Strategies, Models and Frameworks:

1. Online Delivery 
Furthering your professional development can be a big commitment. But thanks to NUS Business School’s online Digital Marketing programme, enhancing your knowledge is more convenient than ever. The programme’s online delivery method gives you the flexibility you need to master better marketing strategies without disrupting your routine. 

  1. World-Class Faculty & Guest Speakers
    Gain key insights on the field’s latest strategies and technologies via eight modules led by renowned NUS Business School faculty. The programme also features presentations and interviews from leading industry experts on various aspects of digital marketing. Transform your organisation’s marketing efforts and digital presence as you learn from the best.  

  1. Case Studies & Simulations
    Along with comprehensive modules on the critical aspects of digital marketing, you will also explore real-world examples. See how some of the world’s most well-known brands leverage digital marketing through company case studies. In addition, the programme includes a social media simulation that allows you to learn the principles of online advertising through a real-world scenario in a simulated environment.

  2. Actionable Outcomes
    Designed to give participants in-depth knowledge of what marketing means in the digital world, the programme can help you better address specific digital marketing challenges. Learning outcomes include:  

  • Understanding how the internet and social media impact consumer behaviour and expectations 

  • Describing the best practices and future of digital marketing

  • Identifying opportunities to enhance the customer experience and engagement through customer journey mapping 

  • Leveraging paid advertising to maximise reach, engagement and conversions on social media and search engine platforms 

  1. Top Business School
    When you choose NUS Business School, you’re choosing one of the best universities in the Asia-Pacific. NUS Business School has consistently received top rankings by independent publications and agencies, including The Financial Times and QS Top MBA. In fact, the QS World University Rankings 2021 ranked NUS 11th in the world and first in Asia Pacific.

This is a sponsored article produced in partnership with NUS Business School’s Digital Marketing: Strategies, Models and Frameworks programme.  

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