The most trusted cleaning products in Australia

In March 2020, as the coronavirus pandemic transformed from a distant, overseas threat to a life-altering reality, people throughout Australia began buying cleaning products with unprecedented urgency. Stores couldn’t stock them fast enough as people became desperate to ensure that every surface they came into contact with was free of germs. But which cleaning products do people trust the most to keep their homes clean and themselves and their loved ones safe?

Reader’s Digest teamed up with the research firm Catalyst Research to conduct a survey to determine the most trusted brands in Australia. From cars to charities to, yes, cleaners, over 3,000 independent Australians revealed which household names they trust the most. Find the full list of winners here. Our survey evaluated several different categories of cleaning products: Household Cleaning Products, Air Fresheners, Dishwashing Liquid, Dishwashing Tablets, Laundry Detergents, Fabric Softener/Conditioner and Stain Removers.

The results might not come as too much of a surprise: Dettol took the top spot for household cleaning products, and came second in our Top 20 Most Trusted Brands overall, with one respondent praising it for “Consistency and quality over the past 80 years and for its proactive approach during COVID in Australia.”

“The best brand I have ever used,” enthused another. Highly commended brands in this category were Pine O Cleen and White King.

Glen 20, meanwhile, was the favourite air freshener (highly commended: Air Wick and Ambi Pur), Morning Fresh was the favourite dishwashing liquid (highly commended: Palmolive and Earth Choice), and Finish topped the poll when it came to Most Trusted dishwashing tablets (highly commended: Morning Fresh and Fairy).

When it comes to caring for our clothes, OMO was the champion laundry detergent among the survey respondents (highly commended: Cold Power and Dynamo), Comfort took out the Fabric Softener/Conditioner top spot (highly commended: Cuddly and Earth Choice), while Vanish NapiSan came up trumps for stain removers (highly commended: White King and Sard Wonder).

So, according to the survey, these big-time brands do indeed live up to their names and promises. They’ll keep your home, clothes and belongings squeaky clean.

Be sure to check out the full results of the Most Trusted Brands survey.

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