Switch off your phone notifications

Switch off your phone notifications
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“It’s important that we all stay abreast of current information, but you can be inundated,” says LeMonda. Especially when you’re being bombarded by social media alerts on your phone, your computer, and possibly even your smartwatch. And so much of it is distorted: “If you’ve ever played a game of telephone, the message you started with is not the one you ended up with.” The easiest way to avoid the onslaught: limit your time on social media and the news and take the time to choose reliable news sources.

“It’s probably impossible to avoid it entirely,” says LeMonda “I recommend tuning out at night before bed so you have time to decompress and get good sleep. Ideally, your bedtime routine is about two hours, including having tea, relaxing, washing up, getting prepared for the next day.” And take breaks throughout the day. Put your phone away or on aeroplane mode.

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