In an age when smartphones can force us to seem dumber, Twitter has become the favourite forum to vent frustrations:

Autocorrect is changing correctly spelled words. I’m starting to think it has a mind of its AUTOCORRECT IS HARMLESS. GO ABOUT YOUR BUSINESS. – John Lyon (@JohnLyonTweets)

I just typed “diarrhoea” correctly without the assistance of autocorrect. What the he’ll have you done lately? – Herroneous (@HeronSays)

Mum texted me “good morning sweetie”, but for some reason the autocorrect changed it to “you’re a disappointment and a financial burden”. – Sadley Cooper (@DrDrewlittle)

If autocorrect had existed during the Cold War, the Earth would be a smoking ruin. – Andrew Potter (@jandrewpotter)

Niece, age 8, is given research topic in class: Tchaikovsky. Says I, “Hard name to spell.” Says she, “Not really: T, C, H, A, Autocorrect.” – Brian Floca (@BrianFloca)

All devices need to be universally programmed to autocorrect the spelling of Matthew McCoughosugeerhosuhuoaghe’s name. It never gets easier. – Refinery 29 (@refinery29)

Source: Twitter

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