Whether you’re cracking wise about animals, or pretending to BE one, Twitter is the place to let your creativity run wild:

People in sleeping bags are the soft tacos of the bear world. – Jason Miller (@longwall26)

“Eat her already!” – animal watching people kissing. – Josh Hara (@yoyoha)

They make cat food out of cow, fish, turkey, chicken & lamb meat – but not mouse meat, which is probably all cats want. – John Fugelsang (@JohnFugelsang)

If a cat is sleeping on your lap and you need to get up, a good solution is to just sit there and remember your relative unimportance.
– Henri, Le Chat Noir (@HenriLeChatNoir)

SALMON still a fan TUNA unbroken perfection HALIBUT definitely falling off the charts SCALLOPS no thanks man THIS HAS BEEN TOP FISH.
– Jason Scott’s Cat (@sockington)

“Crocs, huh? Well I’m not surprised they named something after us. What is it? Somethin’ awesome? Why are you making that face?” – a crocodile. – Pete Holmes (@peteholmes)

Source: Twitter

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