The wife left me a note on the fridge saying, “It’s no good – it’s just not working. I’m staying at Mum’s for a whil more

“Where do you want this huge roll of bubble wrap?” I asked my boss.

“Just pop it in the corner,” he replie more

A man is drinking with his wife when out of the blue he announces, "I love you."
"Is that you or the beer talking?" she a more

Matt's dad picks him up from school. Knowing the parts for the school play were chosen that day, he asks his son if he got a rol more

I hate people who say that time travel is a stupid idea. It’s exactly that kind of attitude that lost us World War Three. more

An old man at the end of a jetty is selling seagulls – $2.50 for one, or three for five bucks. A curious tourist goes up to hi more

A new member of staff called John is being shown around the office by his new boss. They enter the IT department and John sees a more

I’d just like to say to any women out there having trouble keeping their hair out of their eyes: get a grip. more

I just poured some superglue into a non-stick frying pan. Someone’s about to be proved wrong. more

I said to my boyfriend recently, “You know, we’ve been together for four years – I think it’s about time we started talk more

Two hunters hired a pilot to fly them deep into the wilderness to look for deer. After bagging six large bucks, they were loadin more

I enrolled in an online school to become a private investigator. I gave them my money, and then I never heard back from them. I more


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