This dish is popular all over the Mediterranean region and there are many different variations. Basically it is a tomato–based vegetable stew, like a ratatouille, with eggs poached right in [...]
Here is a colourful, Mediterranean–style dish that is very easy to make. The vegetables can be prepared in advance, and left to soak up the flavours in the dressing, then mixed with the [...]
Pan bagna is a Mediterranean layered sandwich, often prepared in a hollowed–out round, rustic loaf. Here eggs, anchovies, capers, basil and tomatoes – all ingredients from a classic [...]
This salad of roasted vegetables has a rich flavour cut by a piquant dressing. It is one of those any–time salads – ideal for a healthy midweek meal with lots of crusty bread, some [...]
These Mediterranean–style ‘sandwiches’ are generously filled with chargrilled capsicums, zucchini and red onion, spiked with garlic and rosemary, and topped with a sprinkling of [...]
Chicken with artichokes is a classic flavour combination, here given a Mediterranean touch with thin slices of red capsicum, black olives, thyme and a hint of lemon. Boiled rice or new potatoes [...]

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