Sweet and sour sauce doesn't have to be thick, gluggy and bright orange. This modern, light version allows the succulence of the meat and the fresh flavours and different textures of a variety of [...]
Asian pork salad makes a terrific lunch idea or light dinner. You can purchase Asian barbecued pork from most Asian butchers or substitute with chicken or pork loin steak or chops, or toss in [...]
Aromatic rice and pork meatballs and lots of interesting vegetables bring Asian flavours to this satisfying main–meal soup. Serve it at the table in a warmed tureen or straight from the [...]
This thoroughly modern casserole is a delicious example of fusion cooking, marrying ingredients and flavours from diverse cuisines. Asian spices, sweet potatoes and fruit flavours go very well [...]
Much of the delight of Mexican food is in the abundance of salad–type toppings that contrast so well with the hot ingredients. Although these enchiladas are made with less fat than usual, [...]
These fragrant Chinese–style pasta purses are made with wonton wrappers, available from Asian supermarkets. They are part fried, then simmered in stock and served on a bed of green leaves [...]
This dish is surprisingly quick and easy to make, and can turn a family dinner into a celebration. Serve with boiled new potatoes sprinkled with chives, carrots and shredded cabbage. The carrots [...]
Long simmering makes this hearty stew perfect for cool autumn days, when apples and cabbage are at their best. Experiment with different types of apples – Granny Smiths are tart and tangy, [...]
A mixture of green vegetables adds colour and crispness to this simple noodle stir–fry with pork and dried mushrooms. Chinese egg noodles are prepared more quickly than Western pasta they [...]
These fragrant Chinese-style pot-stickers are made with won ton wrappers. They are part fried, then simmered in stock and served on a bed of green leaves with a spicy salad of peanuts and crunchy [...]

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