This classic Italian sandwich, which literally means ‘mozzarella in a carriage’, makes a tasty and very quick vegetarian meal. Chopped sun–dried tomatoes and fresh basil leaves [...]
Many cooks won't attempt to make a gougère, which is a choux pastry ring, because they think it's too difficult. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Choux pastry is very simple to [...]
Eggplants make delicious lasagne, but traditional methods usually involve slicing and frying them in copious quantities of oil. Here, they are cubed and simmered with flavouring ingredients to [...]
An Italian classic, traditional semolina gnocchi is served with generous amounts of cheese and butter. This healthier but equally delicious version is made with just a little butter, cheese and [...]
Bought stuffed pasta just do not taste anything like silken–textured homemade pasta with a freshly prepared savoury filling. This is not a convenience meal – making pasta does take [...]
This deep–dish pie has an Italian–style filling of succulent chunks of chicken, sliced capsicums, mushrooms and black olives in a tomato sauce, and is topped with fresh rosemary scone [...]

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