This tangy, soft–textured yogurt cheese, flavoured with herbs and garlic, makes a healthy starter or snack, and is a great addition to a picnic basket, too. The garlic is blanched for a sweeter [...]
This mustardy chicken and capsicum loaf, wrapped in thin slices of zucchini, is perfectly complemented by the fresh tomato and basil sauce – a very colourful dish, full of savoury flavours. [...]
These filo pastry rolls make an excellent starter, or you could serve two rolls each for a light meal. The filling is a colourful mixture of low–fat chicken mince and plenty of vegetables, [...]
Few snacks can be more universally popular than sandwiches. Try this sweet and spicy combination of lean chicken roasted with a honey and mustard dressing, juicy mango slices and crisp lettuce leaves.
Fresh summer berries not only add delicious flavour and colour to these tempting American-style muffins, they also make them more nutritious. The muffins are at their best when served warm, fresh [...]
The natural sweetness of the sweet potato means you won’t need to add much sugar – so this is a perfect guilt-free snack or kid’s lunchbox treat.
These Asian-style, triangular parcels of crisp, light filo pastry enclose a ginger-flavoured filling of crab, water chestnuts and corn. They look and taste wonderful, and are really easy to [...]

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