You can add any of your favourite vegetables to this dish – why not try adding some lightly steamed bok choy or Chinese broccoli (gai larn) for some added crispness, or throw in some finely [...]
Mushrooms and tofu are favoured by many vegetarians as a nutritious meat alternative. You can use any mushrooms in this tasty stir–fry – the more variety the better. Look for those that are firm, [...]
Stir–frying asparagus, rather than boiling it, preserves the water–soluble vitamins, including folate, and adds a little extra crunch. Flavoured with sesame seeds and garlic, this simple and easy [...]
This basic miso soup is super easy to prepare and wonderfully good for you. You can add just about any vegetables, making it perfect to use up leftovers in the refrigerator, or try adding some [...]
A colourful, crunchy vegetable salad tossed in a tastebud–tingling, Asian–style dressing, this dish gives a great vitamin boost. Soy sauce is high in salt, so no extra seasoning is needed for the [...]
For a quick and delicious treat, this Asian seafood stir–fry is hard to beat. It requires very little oil and the seaweed and vegetables add lots of flavour and texture. Gari, or pickled ginger, [...]
Black beans impart an intense flavour to this dish, inspired by a classic Chinese recipe. If you are short on time you can use ready–made black bean sauce instead of soaking the fermented beans, [...]
Adzuki beans are highly nutritious . They are a great source of protein and fibre. In addition they contain a range of vitamins and minerals that are essential for a low–fat meal.

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