Steaming fish atop vegetables and then using the cooking liquid to make a sauce is a good way to retain water–soluble vitamins. Here a piece of fish is cooked with baby carrots and [...]
Low–fat fish and vitamin–packed vegetables are cooked using one of the most healthy of all cooking techniques – steaming. Lightly flavoured with ginger, soy sauce and white wine, this satisfying [...]
A variety of vegetables ensures that this wonderful soup is as healthy as it is delicious. The broth can be prepared a day in advance, ready for adding the fish at the last minute. Planning ahead [...]
Good stock provides the flavour base for this delicate broth. When homemade stock is not available, try one of the high–quality commercial stocks rather than a stock cube. The polenta [...]
This recipe uses the fish–poaching milk to make the soufflé base, and fresh herbs and chopped tomatoes are added for a lovely flavour. Serve straight from the oven, with crusty wholemeal bread to [...]
Salmon goes so well with broccoli and watercress, complementing their flavours and contrasting prettily with their vibrant green colour. Here the fish is combined with potato and dill in [...]
A chowder is a classic American meal–in–a–bowl soup. This delicious chowder is flavoured with lean bacon, leeks and tomatoes and thickened with potatoes, all of which provide [...]
This colourful soup is light yet satisfying. Chunky cubes of white fish, prawns and small pasta shells combine with the full flavours of fennel and leek to make a delicious first course. Serve [...]
Whole red mullet are baked in the oven on a bed of aniseed-flavoured fennel and fresh orange segments. To save time, ask your fishmonger to scale and gut the fish for you. Serve one parcel per [...]
Bamboo steamer baskets are very handy for this dish – you can stack them so that everything can be steamed together. The moist heat from steaming ensures that the fish doesn't dry out. If using a [...]

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