Tortilla, one of Spain's most famous tapas dishes, is made from the simplest of ingredients – eggs, onions and potatoes – cooked like a flat omelette and served warm or cold, cut [...]
Here tender new potatoes, cooked in their jackets, are combined with crunchy celery, spring onions and walnuts in a nutty dressing. The salad is a delightful alternative to potato salads in [...]
A steaming–hot baked potato makes perfect comfort food, and doesn't need lashings of butter and cheese to be delicious. This tasty vegetarian filling combines marinated mushrooms and [...]
When making a layered gratin such as this it's important to think about how the vegetables will cook, how much moisture they will release and whether or not they will hold their shape after [...]
Nori is a type of Japanese seaweed that is sold dried in thin, dark–green sheets. The flavour is distinctive and savoury. Nori is usually combined with rice in Japanese cooking, but it is [...]
This plain mash is flavoured with a hint of bay and enriched with a little olive oil instead of butter. It makes a great accompaniment to many dishes, from hearty stews, casseroles and pies to [...]
Known in Italy as frittata, or in Spain as tortilla, flat omelettes can be served hot or cold with salad for brunch, lunch or supper, and they also make ideal picnic fare. The delicious version [...]
Mashed potato enriched with cottage cheese and parmesan and enlivened with garlic and herbs makes a marvellous filling for the pasta parcels called ravioli. A small amount of extra virgin olive [...]
This is a great supper dish to make with leftover roast chicken, or with turkey. Sweet potatoes are a colourful addition to the potatoes traditionally used in a hash, and corn adds a delightful [...]
It's easy to make a nourishing supper based on ingredients you are likely to have on hand, such as onion, potatoes, parsnips, bacon and milk. Here they're turned into a hearty and satisfying [...]

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