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From the street, the brothel is almost invisible, the doorway covered with dirty hessian sacks. Inside, it is a labyrinth of windowless cells and corridors. The floor is covered with filthy water and the air is thick with the smell of urine and rotting food. There is just one toilet for the 400 women and girls living there.    
Osteoarthritis and Sleep Hygiene
Though it’s well known that osteoarthritis can cause decreased mobility and pain, its effect on sleep is often overlooked. The average adult requires 6-8 hours of sleep a night, but many people with osteoarthritis experience disrupted nights or poor quality sleep. In the short term, this can exacerbate the pain associated with the condition, and over a longer period it can lead to more serious problems such as anxiety and depression.  
Over the last few instalments of this series, we’ve largely looked at the physical symptoms associated with osteoarthritis. These are well-documented, but the mental health considerations that accompany the condition are often overlooked. However, osteoarthritis has been linked to social isolation, depression and reduced overall quality of life.
What it's like to beat stage fright
When musician Joe Kowan realises his biggest fear is stopping him from doing what he wants to do most, he decides it’s time to take a deep breath and step towards the microphone  
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